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7 Electric Car Trends to Look for in 2021

person driving an electric car

EVs, electric cars, lightning bolt machines, whatever you call them – 2021 will be a big one for all-electric vehicles.

It’s a new year and we here at Motor are excited about what’s in store for electric cars in 2021. More people are interested in driving EVs now more than ever – and we are here to help make their electric transition frictionless. More manufacturers, models, and general excitement around EVs in the forecast give us so much to look forward to this year.

Check out some of the things we’re most excited about as we head into 2021.

1 | Electric car sales are expected to grow 50% this year 

With 50% domestic growth in electric car sales forecasted year-over-year, you can expect to see a lot more cars fueled by electricity on your commute. As people continue to see all the benefits of fuel cost savings, some of the coolest car tech on the market, way less maintenance, and no more gas stations, we can’t say we’re too surprised about this trend.

2 | Ford starts the year out right with the introduction of their first all-electric car: the Ford Mustang Mach-E

The 2021 Mach-E is the first in a long line of Ford vehicles going electric in the coming years. Next up is an all-electric Ford F-150 coming in 2022. We’re so excited that we bought a bunch for you to Drive – sign up today.

3 | This is the year of the truck

Pickup trucks are coming in hot this year. Tesla’s CybertruckHummer’s EVRivian R1T, and even the Lordstown Endurance will be coming in 2021. The first electric trucks on the market have us very excited. The power and towing capacity possible in an electric truck have already gone viral with the upcoming all-electric Ford F-150 pulling a 1,000,000 lb train and the Lordstown Endurance’s 7.500 Lb towing capacity on display. Be on the lookout – Motor will be adding our first trucks later this year.

4 | More SUVs are joining the market

The ID.4 isn’t the only SUV bringing size and comfort to 2021. Rivian, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and more are bringing SUVs to market in 2021. Do you have a specific car you’re looking forward to? Send us a message and maybe we’ll add it to our fleet for you. Email us at or if you are already a member text your concierge.

5 | Volkswagen’s ID.4 is set to grab the world’s attention

Reservations filled in minutes, Volkswagen’s first global adventure into electric cars puts tires to the pavement later this year. The ID.4 brings SUV comfort to the forefront of the electric revolution. Like waiting in line for the latest new kicks, you know we were on top of getting our reservations in. Fingers crossed – the ID.4 will be joining our fleet this spring.

6 | Electric delivery vans will rule the road

Amazon will be leading the charge with their first electric delivery vans, designed and built in partnership with Rivian. These state-of-the-art delivery vans are hitting the road beginning this year. These represent Amazon’s first steps towards its goal of 10,000 electric vans by the end of 2022 and 100,000 by 2030.

7 | More, more, and more

More affordable models, mainstream manufacturers entering the market, and the ease of charging is leading the electric push in 2021. Almost 70% of drivers say they are interested in driving electric. Each year, more models, lower prices, and expanding infrastructure makes the decision to drive an electric car even more of a no-brainer.

We’re looking forward to more announcements and releases in 2021. And more importantly, we’re looking forward to the return of live events and meeting our new members this year.

Try an EV from our fleet, which includes some the most popular electric vehicles, ranked by Whether you want a monthly electric car subscription through Motor Drive or to purchase a car through Motor Up, we can help you along on your electric car journey.