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Why Indy’s “Caffeine King” Is Driving Electric And Loving It

scott in car with door open holding coffee

Image courtesy of Scott Soltys-Curry

Scott moved to Indianapolis for college and never left. A Tennessee transplant, he’s currently settled in the city’s Riverside neighborhood with his husband, three cats, and Pyrenees lab mix. Scott has created a community with his top-notch coffee shop content, and now enjoys grabbing a cup of joe in an electric car.


What he’s driving: Ford Mustang Mach-E

Day job: Senior product designer at a tech startup

Side hustle: Founder at the Indianapolis Coffee Guide – a curated way to explore and discover the local coffee scene

What made you want to give Motor a try?

I initially saw one of the road trip stories on Motor’s Instagram and was intrigued. I never knew how easy it could be to get into an electric car. It was something I could do now, and it’s really not as complicated as I thought. I was already driving a hybrid, so electric was the next step. The environmental impact is important to me, but I truly believe electric cars are the future.

How is the Motor experience different? 

Leasing has never been appealing to me with all of the upfront costs, long-term contracts, and mileage charges. My husband and I don’t want to own a second car, so Motor’s subscription model is perfect for us. The car we request is the one we get, and there’s no unexpected fees or red tape. And what’s really great is that everything is included in the monthly price, which means I don’t have to worry about insurance, maintenance, or the usual inconveniences that come with renting or leasing a car.


scott receiving and driving car

Images courtesy of Scott Soltys-Curry and Emma Knutsen

What do you enjoy most about Motor?

The concierge service – hands down. They drop your car off at your home and give you a full tour, walking you through every aspect of the technology. The Motor team was genuinely committed to educating me on the car, and it’s reassuring to know they’re available anytime I need them.

What’s it been like to drive and charge your car?

I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth, quick, and powerful the car was. It’s a completely different experience compared to a gas engine or hybrid vehicle, and it outperformed any car I’ve ever driven. Charging the car is easy – I just watch a couple of YouTube videos while I wait. And I don’t miss going to gas stations. At. All. Plus, the Ford Mach-E gets over 200 miles in one charge so you don’t have to recharge often.


scott receiving and driving car

Images courtesy of Scott Soltys-Curry

What have you been telling people about Motor?

Motor has completely reimagined the approach to getting a car. It’s not a one-time transactional deal; it’s more of a partnership. The Motor experience seamlessly integrated into my life, and they made it work for me and my lifestyle. There are really no downsides. As someone new to driving a fully-electric vehicle, it was a great way to be introduced. And I love that I didn’t have to wait. I signed up, and the car was delivered to my house as scheduled.

What’s next?

I’m gearing up for a road trip with my husband early next year. Back home to Tennessee or maybe even Ohio. Follow along @indianapoliscoffee.