Built for drivers. Committed to electric.

We are dedicated to helping drivers discover, switch to, and stick with electric cars. We believe the best way to do this is through a delightful car shopping experience, easy at-home charging, and ongoing concierge service.

In less than 10-minutes drivers can register, select a car, and schedule delivery to their driveway; without ever leaving home.

Our Focus

Our Focus

We view transportation as a key component of the future of cleaner, greener energy. The switch to electric represents one of the greatest opportunities to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. Our overall mission at Motor is to accelerate electric car adoption, and we’re constantly working to break down the barriers for driving electric.

Our Future

Our Future

Our startup mentality will serve us well in the constantly changing transportation environment. Today, we offer monthly electric car subscriptions, and our fleet includes popular models from Telsa, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Ford.

We are also introducing an online car buying service. The future is assuredly electric.

Our Offering
  • Motor Drive

    Motor Drive is a monthly electric car subscription service designed to save individuals time, money, and the headaches of traditional car ownership.

  • Motor Up

    Motor Up is an online electric car buying solution, allowing drivers to browse different models, purchase, and schedule home delivery from the convenience of home.