Clearance Vehicle FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is an emergency, move your car to a safe place if possible and call 911. Once the situation is under control, call us at (833) 668-6738.

Clearance Vehicles
How long is the clearance price valid for?

The reduced price is available for up to six consecutive months of subscription. After the initial six months, the price is subject to change.

Is the quality of these cars the same as the other cars in the Motor fleet?

Yes, these vehicles are still operating to a high standard and are in excellent condition. We are currently updating our fleet and have identified these vehicles as candidates for a reduced price based on specific criteria such as age, mileage, and color.

Does this affect what is included in my membership?

No, not at all. Each subscription includes insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and access to our concierge service.

How long can I keep the car?

Our minimum commitment is one month, and you can stay in the vehicle for as long as you wish, with the option to cancel at any time. However, please note that the clearance price listed for this vehicle will expire after six months of consecutive subscription.

What if I want to swap to another car?

You are free to swap to another vehicle at any time, although a $100 swap fee will be charged. Please note that this clearance subscription price is only valid for these specific vehicle make, models and VINs. If you choose to swap to a different vehicle, you will be charged the standard subscription cost for that vehicle’s tier.

Can this offer be combined with other promotions or partnerships?

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or partnership offers.

Can I swap to a different clearance car?

Yes if available, you may switch into another clearance vehicle at its listed price. We will prorate the difference between the listed price of the two vehicles.

Will I still be eligible for subscribe-to-own in a clearance car?

Yes, you will still be eligible for our subscribe-to-own program where active members accrue $250/month for up to 3 months in their vehicle – up to $750 total – to apply towards the purchase of one of our cars if you subscribe then decide to purchase the vehicle. If you are ready to purchase, we will apply the accrued amount towards your current vehicle’s price, and walk you through the purchase process.

Am I still eligible for a Faster Charger?

Yes! You are still eligible for a Faster Charger. You can learn more about this here:

How long do I have to take delivery of the car? Can I schedule delivery in a few weeks?

As these vehicles are on clearance, we are unable to hold each vehicle at its current price for more than 72 hours. After that period, the vehicle may be released to another prospective member.

What if the clearance priced car has a defect or mechanical issue? Or it's involved in a crash? Can I keep the clearance price for the replacement vehicle?

Clearance pricing applies only to the specific vehicles listed. In the instance that there is a defect or mechanical issue with your vehicle that requires a temporary replacement, the replacement vehicle will be provided to you at the same pricing as the clearance vehicle. 

Once the issue has been resolved, the clearance vehicle will be returned to you in order to keep the clearance pricing.

What if the vehicle needs to be permanently replaced?

In the event that the vehicle will need to be permanently replaced, we will make every effort to locate a vehicle with comparable pricing for you. However, since clearance inventory is limited, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to swap into a vehicle of the same make and model. You are always free to switch to another car of the same make and model, but it will be at the listed price for that new vehicle.

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