EV Navigator.

Carefree EV ownership starts at Tom Wood Nissan.

Tom Wood Nissan has partnered with Motor to bring you EV Navigator. This complimentary service was designed to make your electric ride as smooth as possible. Motor has talked with hundreds of EV drivers to give you the tools to become an expert.

What's included?
  • Home charger coordination

    Looking to maximize your electric experience by installing an at-home charger? They’ll coordinate everything from start to finish.

  • EV onboarding

    Unlock the full potential of your electric vehicle with a one-on-one onboarding. You’ll learn the best tips and tricks for your EV.

  • 24/7 text helpline

    Simply text day or night with any questions you have about driving electric. Their expert team is here to help!

  • Road trip planning

    Road-trip without worry. They can help you plan when and where to charge on your journey.

  • Savings plan

    Save money with rebates and incentive programs. They can find what you qualify for and guide you through applications.

Ready to install an at-home charger? EV Navigator is here to help!
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Frequently asked questions

What is EV Navigator? 

Tom Wood Nissan has partnered with local EV experts, Motor, to bring you EV Navigator – a complimentary service to help make your transition to driving an EV easy and fun. Motor’s team of experts is here to help with all of your EV needs from installing your at-home charger to providing ongoing EV support via their 24/7 helpline (and everything in between!)

Do I have to pay for it? 

No, you don’t. When you purchase or lease an EV through Tom Wood Nissan, you’ll receive 3 free months of EV Navigator.

Can you help me before I have purchased my EV? 

Yes! Owning an EV is not the perfect solution for everyone. The EV Navigator team is available to answer your questions about owning and driving an EV before your purchase to help you make sure it’s the right choice for you. You can schedule a discovery call by texting (833) 668-6738. EV Navigator can also help you install your at-home charger before you bring your vehicle home to make sure you’re set up for success from day one! Just fill out this form to get started.

What if I choose a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)? 

Whether you choose an all-electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid vehicle, EV Navigator is available to you! Just like with all-electric vehicles, you’ll receive 3 free months of EV Navigator with your PHEV.

What if I live out of state? 

As long as your vehicle was purchased or leased from Tom Wood Nissan, you’ll receive 3 free months of EV Navigator. Their team can still coordinate your home charger, is still available to you 24/7 via their helpline and you can still schedule a one-on-one onboarding – it will just be virtual!

Is this only for new vehicles? 

EV Navigator is available for all EVs purchased and leased from Tom Wood Nissan, whether they’re used or new!

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Meet Julie

The proud new owner of an electric car. Julie regularly drives up to 200 miles in a day. Unfortunately, frustrating charging challenges early on nearly led her to return her vehicle. It was at this critical juncture that she was introduced to Motor and EV Navigator.

In Julie’s EV Navigator onboarding, Motor’s EV expert showed her how to get the most out of home charging, answered her questions on maintenance and gave her the critical tools needed to drive long distances. Julie even received a tailored charging plan for her upcoming road trip to Tennessee. Julie’s confidence in her EV is restored, and she is now electrified about her future of driving electric!