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Have questions about if going electric is right for you?

Have questions about if going electric is right for you?

Let’s chat! Our team knows all there is to know about owning and driving an electric car in Vermont. We’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of making the switch. Wondering if an electric car suits your lifestyle? Let’s find out together. And if it makes sense for you, we’ll be right there beside you, offering support through every step of ownership.

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Meet Susan

Susan was excited to make the switch to driving electric, and enjoy the savings and environmental benefits that come from it! During the first few months of her EV ownership journey, we were able to help her become comfortable with the new technology of her vehicle, and help her find the best charging options.

“[It’s] a great service for someone like me — I’m 81 years old with little tech experience. I got my gasoline powered vehicle off the road with the purchase of my EV, but I needed lots of help an EV Navigator helped me a LOT!”

How EV Navigator works

Determine if an EV is right for you
Determine if an EV is right for you

We’re here to help you understand if owning an EV makes sense for you, and support you through the purchase process if it is.

Hassle-free home charger installation
Hassle-free home charger installation

Once you’ve purchased, we coordinate a seamless home charger installation so you can charge easily from day one.

Ownership support
Ownership support

EV Navigator is designed to make your ownership journey as smooth as possible, from our 24/7 support line to helping you take advantage of eligible rebates and incentives.

How EV Navigator works

Beyond your Purchase

EV Navigator extends beyond your purchase to make EV ownership as easy as possible.

24/7 EV experience team

Simply text day or night with any questions you have about driving electric. Our expert team is here to help you make the most of your EV.

Home charging coordination

Looking to maximize your electric experience by installing an at-home charger? We will coordinate everything from start to finish.

EV onboarding

Learn the ins and outs of your new vehicle with a one-on-one onboarding.  We’ll show you the best tips and tricks for vehicle, and be there in person to answer all of your questions.

Why purchase with EV Navigator?
  • Road-trip without worry.

    We’ll provide you with detailed road trip plans so you are prepared to know when and where to charge.

  • Save money with rebates & incentives

    We’ll confirm what you’re eligible for based on your purchase, guide you through applications.

  • Hands-on help

    Our 24/7 helpline is there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

  • Take charge in all weather

    We can address any cold-weather concerns you have and help you maximize your battery.

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