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6 Quick Tips: Cold Weather Care for Electric Vehicles

Winter can be a wonderful and beautiful season at the same time it can be harsh and unpredictable. When dealing with colder temperatures preparedness is a key part in navigating this season. A little bit of pre-planning can go a long way.

We’ve put together some quick and helpful winter driving tips for electric vehicles. These tips are aimed to help you operate and use your battery more effectively, especially during these colder months.

Tip 1: Charge smartly.

Generally, overnight charging is the way to go. You can set your charging time to end when you are ready to leave.

Tip 2: Preheat.

Turn on the heat when the vehicle is still plugged in. This will warm up the battery and maximize range as it will not be pulling from the battery’s charge.

Tip 3: Heat those seats.

Once you have preheated your car, you can turn down the internal cabin temperature and use the heated seats and steering wheel to keep you warm. These features use less power than continuously heating the cabin.

Tip 4: Park indoors (if you can).

This applied to garages, indoor parking facilities, and areas with full vehicle coverage. The relative warmth of the garage will help keep the battery charged longer.

Tip 5: Check your tire pressure.

This tip applies to all vehicles and is especially important to check throughout the winter regularly. Did you know every 10-degree dip in the ambient temperature can decrease tire pressure by one pound per square inch (PSI)? So the colder it gets, the lower your tire’s PSI becomes.

A recent study from ExxonMobil showed that it’s crucial to maintain optimal air pressure for electric vehicles to maximize their battery range’s full potential. The proper pressure can increase the vehicle’s energy efficiency by 3% to 7%.

Tip 6: Use eco mode.

Use eco mode – as known as the economy mode. The eco mode is one of the adjustable driving modes with the aim, as the name suggests, is to save energy by limiting engine power. In addition, using this mode can help maximize battery efficiency during cold weather.