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Our tips for your electric road trip

Ready to embark on a journey that’s not only eco-conscious but also endlessly exhilarating? Your electric road trip awaits! Whether you’re a seasoned EV explorer or a first-time charger, this blog post is your go-to guide for turning every road into a new adventure. As we bid farewell to winter chill and welcome the promise of warmer days, there’s no better time to unplug and hit the open road. Join us as we share essential tips for an electric road trip that’s bound to create lasting memories—no matter the season. It’s time to charge up, drive on, and make every mile count!

Here are our 7 tips for a seamless electric road trip:

Start at 100%. Your normal charging setup is likely your most convenient one. Use it while you can!

Know the charging situation at your destination –  Heading to the big city? You don’t need to think twice about charging. Getting away from it all? Probably best to spend some time at that last fast charger on your route, or reach out to us for your best options while you’re there.

Have all the apps – No one app has every available charger – make sure you have everything you need so you don’t drive by the perfect charging opportunity. You can find our recommended apps in your personalized EV guide.

Know your car – What chargers can you use? What’s your real world range? Don’t leave behind a needed adaptor, or rely on range you don’t have. Have questions about this? Please reach out to us, we can help!

Charge when you eat –  Even if it means a different restaurant, or a front seat picnic, making sure you charge when you stop to eat is a great way to keep things moving.

Turn your range anxiety into range excitement – Life’s an adventure, and so is a road trip. We’ve met lifelong friends at charging stations, and collected great stories from times we’ve gone just a bit out of our way. An electric road trip can be a bit different… but we’ve found it can be better!

Keep our number – if you get in trouble we’re here to help! Plus through our concierge service, we can help plan all of your electric road trips. Learn more about how we’re here to support your EV ownership journey, here.